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Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s stunning San Juan Mountains, Telluride offers an abundance of breathtaking hikes that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re seeking panoramic mountain views, cascading waterfalls, or serene alpine meadows, Telluride’s diverse trail network has something for everyone. 

Best for Families with Kids: (Easy)

With a range of kid-friendly hikes offering scenic views and manageable trails, Telluride provides the perfect backdrop for family adventures. Here are a few of our favorites.

Bear Creek Trail in Telluride

1. Bear Creek Trail (Better for older children due to the length of the hike)

Starting from the heart of Telluride, the Bear Creek Trail is a local favorite known for its stunning vistas and accessibility. The trail winds through lush aspen groves and pine forests, eventually leading to a mesmerizing waterfall known as Bear Creek Falls. This moderate hike is perfect for families and offers a rewarding experience with relatively little effort.

2. Cornet Creek Trail (Moderate for all ages)

A moderately easy and quick trail that passes through aspen groves and meadows, Cornet Creek Trail is great for families looking for a bit more adventure without steep climbs but don’t have a ton of time to hike.

3. The Telluride River Trail (Easy for all ages)

The Telluride River Trail is a gentle and picturesque hike that follows the soothing flow of the San Miguel River. Starting near the heart of town, this flat gravel and dirt path is ideal for strollers and young children. Along the way, families can enjoy views of the river, charming bridges, and colorful wildflowers during the summer months. The trail also features picnic areas, making it a great spot for a relaxed outdoor lunch with the family.

4. The Ridge Line Trail (Better for older children)

For families looking for a bit of a challenge with rewarding views, the Ridge Trail delivers an unforgettable experience. This moderate hike starts at the Jud Wiebe Trailhead and ascends gradually through forests and open meadows. As you climb, panoramic vistas of Telluride and the surrounding mountains unfold, offering stunning photo opportunities and a sense of accomplishment for young hikers. The trail is well-marked and suitable for older children who are up for a bit of uphill trekking

Best for Moderate Level Hikers:(Medium Difficulty)

Telluride offers a variety of hikes that are perfect for moderate hikers, providing a balance of scenic beauty and manageable difficulty. Here are some of the best hikes in Telluride for moderate hikers:

Jud Wiebe Trail in Telluride

1. Hope Lake Trail

Tucked away in the nearby La Plata Mountains, the Hope Lake Trail offers a less crowded but equally beautiful hiking experience. The trail meanders through aspen groves and wildflower-filled meadows before reaching the tranquil shores of Hope Lake. With its serene atmosphere and stunning views, this hike is a hidden gem for those looking to escape the crowds.

2. Silver Lakes Trail

Located near Bridal Veil Falls, the Silver Lake Trail is a moderate hike that leads to a picturesque alpine lake. The trail offers views of waterfalls, wildflowers, and rugged mountain terrain, making it a memorable adventure for moderate hikers.

3. Deep Creek Trail

For a less crowded hike with serene views, consider the Deep Creek Trail. This moderate trail features wildflowers, aspen groves, and opportunities to spot wildlife while enjoying a peaceful outdoor experience.

4. Bridal Veil Falls

As Colorado’s tallest free-falling waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls is a must-see attraction for visitors to Telluride. The hike to the falls begins at the end of Telluride’s main street and follows a scenic route along a rugged canyon. Adventurous hikers can continue past the falls to reach the historic Bridal Veil Powerhouse, adding an extra element of exploration to the journey.

5. Jud Wiebe Trail

For those seeking a more challenging intermediate hike with stunning views, the Jud Wiebe Trail delivers an unforgettable experience. This loop trail offers panoramic vistas of Telluride, the surrounding mountains, and the lush valley below. With steep ascents and descents, this hike is best suited for experienced hikers looking for a moderate to strenuous adventure.

Best for Experienced Hikers: (More difficult)

For those seeking a challenge in Telluride, there are several exhilarating trails that offer rugged terrain, steep ascents, and breathtaking views.

Lizard Heard Trail outside Telluride

1. Blue Lakes Trail

A bit further from town but well worth the drive, the Blue Lakes Trail is a gem for nature lovers. The trail leads to a series of stunning alpine lakes surrounded by towering peaks, offering a peaceful retreat into the high country. While the hike is moderately strenuous, the rewards of pristine mountain scenery make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Ballard Peak Trail

This hike is considered strenuous, requiring a good level of physical fitness and stamina. It’s not recommended for beginners or those unaccustomed to high-altitude hiking. Along the way, hikers can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and forests. The sight of Silver Lake adds to the allure of this hike, creating a memorable experience for nature enthusiasts.

3. Lizard Head Trail

Named after the iconic Lizard Head Peak, this challenging hike takes you through diverse terrain, including forests, meadows, and rocky slopes. The trail offers panoramic views and a sense of accomplishment for those willing to tackle its difficulties.


Each of these hikes showcases Telluride’s natural beauty and provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking landscapes of the San Juan Mountains. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a family seeking adventure, Telluride’s most popular hikes promise an unforgettable outdoor experience filled with awe-inspiring scenery and memorable moments. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack your camera, and get ready to explore the wonders of Telluride’s majestic trails. 

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