About Curate Good

What We Do

Short term rentals can get a bad rap. We aim to change this through our commitment to give back to the local Telluride community where we live, work and play.

Curate Good Partner's Commitment

1% of our annual company commission revenue donated to local non-profits
1% of the net rental income from each property donated by the owner to non-profits
7 nights of donated lodging from each property given to local non-profits.

Our Purpose

To Create Positive Impact in the Town of Telluride

Our Mission

To Lead with Relentless Generosity

Our Goal

200 Nights Donated to Non-Profits
$10,000 in Annual Gifts

Curate Good Partners

Partnerships with a Purpose

We are looking for like-minded homeowners, guests and for-profit partners.

Our Homeowners

Are community minded, and believe that second homeowners have a responsibility to give back to their second home communities.

Our Guests

Value “local” guest centric experiences vs. a generic “stay”. They care about the impact of tourism on Telluride. They are generous to the local community.

Our For-Profit Partners

See the value in our mission and support our work by offering local discounts and specials to our homeowners and guests to reward their support.

Our Telluride Partners

Join us in promoting the positive impact of partnership in Telluride

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