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Combining forces creates synergy and renewed passion for what we love the most.

Kevin and Kirsten were first introduced at a conference for professionals utilizing the same property management software.  Over the years we encouraged and coached each other as we grew our respective companies; Latitude 38 Vacation Rentals and Big Sky Vacation Rentals.  Leveraging our individual strengths, we applied these strategies to build two of the most respected companies in the industry with over 350 luxury homes under management. We are excited to have the opportunity to begin again with the benefit of hindsight and a deep knowledge of what really matters. 

Kevin Jones

Co-Founder Curate Telluride

Founder and Former Owner, Latitude 38 Vacation Rentals, Telluride, CO

After a decade of senior finance roles at Fortune 500 companies, Kevin moved to Telluride to begin honing his skills in real estate development and property management.

In 2009, founded Latitude38 Vacation Rentals in Telluride where it became the #1 market leader. Kevin is committed to the service of others and architecting opportunities. From being a 16 year volunteer firefighter, to serving on community Boards, to creating the first of its kind VR/Concierge Club House for Latitude clients and guests; Kevin is all about creating the opportunity for memorable experiences.

Kirsten King

Co-Founder Curate Telluride

Founder and Former Owner, Big Sky Vacation Rentals, Big Sky, MT

Originally from Madison Wisconsin, Kirsten graduated from the University of Minnesota, but dreamed of living in a small mountain town. That dream became a reality in 2008 when Kirsten and her husband Mike, left their “secure” jobs in Minneapolis, sold everything and decided to re-invent their lives with their three young children.

Kirsten is an innovative strategist with a passion for excellence. She founded Big Sky Vacation Rentals in 2010 and over a 10-year period created the most successful boutique, luxury

vacation rental company in Big Sky, Montana. With over 15 years of experience in Real Estate and Property Management, Kirsten is a wealth of resource for those considering a vacation home or for those curious to learn more about vacation rental management services.
Some of Kirsten’s key accomplishments include growing her company organically through referrals from 1 property to 140 exclusive, curated homes under management. During this same timeframe she grew sales from 160K in year one to over 10M in sales by 2020. As an industry trail-blazer she utilizes cutting edge software and technology to streamline operations and has a deep understanding of key aspects of vacation rental management including revenue management, data tools, marketing strategies, channel management and PMS systems. Kirsten relies on creative and innovative tactics, programs and communication strategies to achieve extraordinary results. As a leader, she understands the value of an exceptional team and surrounds herself with go-getters who believe in Curate Telluride’s mission to lead with relentless generosity.
The mountains are her home and you will often find her seeking new adventures. From exploring the trails, fishing the local blue ribbon trout streams or camping under the stars Kirsten is passionate about life and is thrilled to have this opportunity to begin again…


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