Telluride Theater

Curate Telluride is proud to pledge support to the Telluride Theatre as one of our two Spotlight on Good organizations for June 1-December 31, 2024

Telluride Theatre (along with our other Spotlight on Good organization, the Telluride Mountain Club) will receive 1% of our earned commission revenue in addition to up to 1% of our owner’s rental revenue for all reservation stays between May 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024.

We take our mission “To Lead with Relentless Generosity” to heart – Join us in building a strong bond with our local community.

Telluride Theatre creates theater that lives in moments of truthful human connection, promotes joyful celebration and is an open dialogue, accessible to all audiences.

Telluride Theatre is committed to advancing the performing arts in the region through innovative productions, education programs and community involvement.  

Their vision is to transform Telluride into a recognized destination for theater and to that end they are committed to growing and enhancing their work and outreach, 365 days a year.  This is done through contributing richly – culturally and economically to the region, by compensating all local artists that work with the theater, and by building a thriving community of local artists. Join us in supporting Telluride Theatre, an amazing community organization.


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